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American-Made Quality Since 1952

Bruce Diamond Corporation is a family owned and operated business located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. In 1952, we began as a manufacturer of phonograph styli and have since evolved into a full-featured, ITAR certified, ISO 9001 registered manufacturing facility.

50 Million Diamond Tools and Counting…

To date, Bruce Diamond has manufactured over 50 million quality industrial diamond tools. While we still produce some phonograph styli – our first product line – our fabrication capabilities have increased dramatically. Known for our superior precision super-abrasive products, we have become expert at brazing and shaping diamonds in high-volume production. We have applied this knowledge to the manufacturing of our grinding, dressing, surface measurement, scribing, fiber optic, engraving, metal bond and vacuum brazed tools.

Bruce Diamond Corporation now possess the capabilities and techniques required to manufacture superior vacuum brazed CBN and diamond grit cutting tools for today’s Aerospace Industry. The use of strong, lightweight CFRP composite components is now commonplace in the aerospace industry. The machining challenges these tough, dense, abrasive CFRP composite components present has allowed Bruce Diamond Corporation to utilize its 50+ years of experience in super-abrasive tool manufacturing to now include vacuum brazed diamond grit cutting tools for these CFRP composite materials.

CNC Machining and Precision Manufacturing of Custom Components

In 2009, Bruce Diamond Corp. acquired OAR Tool & Die – a well-known Providence, RI toolmaker. This acquisition greatly expanded our manufacturing capabilities. We now proudly offer expert CNC machining of custom components and assemblies for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Our state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment includes high-speed 5-axis CNC milling machines, wire EDM, sinker EDM, and CNC lathes.

Our precision-machined components are used in the aerospace, automotive, medical device, energy extraction and power generation industries – as well as consumer goods. Our capabilities include both prototyping and high-production runs.

In addition to the machining of metals and ceramics, we also offer in-house injection molding. We specialize in molding hi-heat/high-wear bearing and seal grades of PEEK, Polyimide, Ultem, etc. With skilled engineers, expert moldmakers and a full-featured tool shop, Bruce Diamond can help you design and build an injection mold.

Vacuum Brazing and Heat Treating

Through our expertise in diamond tool making, we've branched out into providing a variety of vacuum furnace services to our customers. We have 6 high-capacity vacuum furnaces on-site. In addition to brazing of metal alloys, we also offer brazing of active metals (ceramics) and diamonds. We also offer heat-treatment of metals – including precipitation hardening of medical device alloys, stress-relief and cleaning.