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Vacuum Furnace Services

Vacuum Brazing of Metal Alloys: Clean, High-Strength Joins

Brazing is process by which two or more parts are joined by a layer of brazing alloy. By using a high-temperature vacuum furnace with precise temperature control, the brazing process is capable of creating extremely durable bonds between dissimilar metal materials, including both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Unlike welding, the vacuum brazing process allows the finished parts to be free of oxidation and to maintain a clean appearance. Brazed parts exhibit high joint strength and excellent part-to-part uniformity in both appearance and dimensions. Brazing also allows for complex joint geometries.

We can braze virtually any industrial metal alloy including stainless steel, nickel and copper – as well as Molybdenum, Kovar and other more exotic alloys. In addition, we have the ability to braze and heat-treat in the same cycle – for maximum part performance and a streamlined production process.

Active Metal Brazing: Ceramics

With active metal brazing, ceramic parts can be joined together or joined to metal parts. We have the ability to braze metal to metal, metal to ceramic, and ceramic to ceramic. In addition, our vast experience in diamond toolmaking allows us to braze diamonds to metal alloys.

Heat Treatment of Steels and Other Alloys

Vacuum furnace heat treatment allows for oxidation-free hardening, stress relieving, and cleaning of metal parts. Bruce Diamond Corp. offers a variety of vacuum oven heat treating services – including precipitation hardening of metal alloys, which is critical for many medical and industrial applications.

Our vacuum furnaces are also ideal for relieving residual and structural stresses in metal alloys.  By maintaining precise control of temperature during both heating and cooling, we able to effectively relieve most stresses in most metal materials. Bruce Diamond’s heat treating services can help you dramatically improve the appearance and performance of your metal parts.

Expert Staff, High Production Capabilities

Bruce Diamond Corp. has 6 vacuum furnaces on-site to satisfy your critical production demands. We offer a full complement of vacuum brazing and heat treating services – induding joint design, brazing alloy selection and surface preparation. Our experienced production personnel and staff metallurgist can help you achieve the best possible results for your application.

We offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround. Please contact us to discuss your project and its requirements.


  • Metal to Metal
  • Ceramic to Metal
  • Ceramic to Ceramic
  • Diamond to Metal


  • Heat Treatment of Steel and Other Alloys
  • Precipitation Hardening of Medical Alloys
  • Stress Relief